eye Click 365: one photo a day
May, 2016

During 2015 and for three hundred and sixty-five days, I did click one photo a day. Capturing and treasuring inside my iPhone, such an small and revolutionary device; instants, cityscapes, people, buildings, landscapes, textures, children, colors, shadows, patterns, airplanes, beaches, seasons, skies, sunsets, sunrises, oceans, trees, mountains, animals, billboards, crowds, trains, vehicles, clouds, rivers, rain, objects, landmarks, cultures, colors, lights, days, nights, dawn & dusk. Three hundred and sixty-five images, sometimes not that pretty, mundane, exotic, at times unique, funny, absurd, bizarre, sometimes surreal, even emotional, awkward, colorful, dull, interesting, abstract, romantic, full of light, dynamic, underground, nostalgic, static, boring, touching and many times magical instants. Above all, unrepeatable moments that no matter where we look at they are always there, embracing us. Up, down, left and right, always something to discover, always something going on, just open your eyes and enjoy it.

Leandro Artigala

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